Here at Buthe’s Turf, we understand that price is a big part of your buying decision.  That being said, our prices are probably not the cheapest in town, and probably aren’t the most expensive either. We do our best to keep our pricing affordable for our customers, while also creating a financially-sustainable business that can serve our customers far into the future.

We are a licensed and insured LLC company, so you can take comfort knowing that you’ll be covered in the rare case of an incident.

Most of our in town residential yards are priced at $35-$45 plus tax.

Factors that go into our pricing

Size: the larger the lot, the more we will need to charge.

Shape/Complexity: A perfectly rectangular lawn will take considerably less time to mow in comparison to an odd shaped hilly lawn with flower beds and obstacles scattered throughout.

Access: Yards with fenced in backyards require extra trimming along the fence line and sometimes require us to use our smaller mower, which can take more time. Also, properties with limited parking available can make it hard for our crew to get in and out quickly.